Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Wedding of Michael & Michelle

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Wedding Details

Here are photos I took from the wedding I produced on July 8th. It was a very special wedding filled with deep appreciation and love for family, friends, faith and their church family. Both the fathers of the Bride & Groom are ministers, and they both officiated the ceremony.

The wedding turned out beautifully, even though we only had an hour and a half turn-around time for set-up! This is a very popular venue for weddings, in the summer they do a lot during the weekends. So the wedding prior to ours was to end at 3:30 and our ceremony began at 5:00, expecting 340 guests! That's a lot of tables to set up. The colors were gold and "peony" with black as an accent (in the wrought iron accessories). Hardest shade of pink I have EVER tried to match in finding fabric, ribbon etc. The MOB and Bride gave me full creative freedom, which was fun and I enjoyed designing their elements. I made the aisle demi-banner signs, directional banners, the cake plateau riser, the pillows for the lounge area, the cookie buffet, the "T" stands draped with fabric, and the centerpieces where I procured the wrought iron stands and fashioned the design, and the florist did the flowers for them.

In addition to some of their friends who helped out, I had an amazing crew (thank you Barbara, Jennifer, Kim, and Lloyd!), they worked tirelessly in the heat and never complained, I was so proud of all of them. After the venue staff changed the white linens, we put down gold organza overlays, set-up the wrought iron centerpiece stands (which I own), place votives, menu cards and matches for the wedding wish lighting. Then we set-up the sign in table, cake table with my "T" stands draped in fabric, lounge area and ceremony area.

The MOB also like my idea of having an Espresso/Coffee Cart with Smoothies idea. There was no alcoholic beverages offered, so this seemed like a fun way to have cooling smoothies on a hot day, then coffee drinks with the cookie buffet for dessert. It was a HUGE hit! There was a constant line of guests waiting to have a drink made. The two servers worked their tushies off!

"Blessed Are The Cookie Makers"
The cookie buffet was a very personal way to include the friends and family of the bridal couple. They asked of them to make their favorite cookie recipe and provide for the wedding dessert. When they passed off all the many tupperware containers of cookies to me the day before the wedding, half of my van was packed with cookies! But you could just feel the love that those delegated bakers put into making them by the carefully packed layers of cookies. Right before the DJ announced that it was officially open, the Bride presented each of the bakers a wrapped pink spatula with a tag "Blessed are the cookie makers" (a term I came up with) ;).

Overall it was a great and successful event, even though there were some audio/DJ snafus, which I was not pleased with at all. I loved the client, the colors, the creative process and seeing everything come together. I just wished I would've had more time to "fluff" with the set-up but you do what you can with what you are given. We set-up the cookie buffet in less than 10 minutes in the dark!

I am looking forward to seeing the professional photos from the Dereks and will upload to my new and re-designed website!